Mid-year Changes 2016-2017

You can enroll in U-SHIP, enroll a dependent in U-SHIP, waive current coverage, or terminate dependents’ coverage in the middle of the plan year only in specific circumstances, such as:

  • loss of existing health insurance coverage (e.g., aging off parents' plan; parent / spouse terminating a job)
  • new health insurance coverage as a result of new employment
  • life-changing event (i.e. marriage, birth/adoption of a child, divorce)
  • recent immigration of a dependent spouse / partner or children
  • change in health insurance coverage as a result of leaving the U.S. / returning to the U.S. while in registered pro forma status

Please note: You must submit a Petition to Add or Waive U-SHIP within 31 days of the life-changing event or circumstance noted above.

How Do I Enroll Myself or My Dependents in U-SHIP Mid-Year? 

  • Complete a Petition to Add form.
  • Submit appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., proof of termination of alternate insurance, with date noted; new baby's birth certificate; copy of marriage license to add spouse to coverage, etc.)

Your U-SHIP enrollment will become effective on the day your previous insurance terminates or the day after your Petition to Add has been approved by the on-campus insurance office—whichever is later.

How Do I Terminate U-SHIP Mid-Year for Myself or
My Dependents?

  • Complete a Petition to Waive form.
  • Submit appropriate supporting documentation (i.e. change in insurance through new employment or marriage, termination of dependent coverage due to divorce or death, etc.)

Please note: To waive U-SHIP, alternate insurance plans must meet the University's comparable coverage requirements. Click here for details.

Billing and Mid-Year U-SHIP Changes

Premium installments are not pro-rated and you will be responsible for the quarterly installment in which your requested change is being processed.

Mid-year petitions to add a spouse or child may also lead to payment for their coverage over the Summer Quarter.

Questions? Contact the Insurance Coordinators.