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Your Health Records at Your Fingertips: Information on the Online Portal

All registered students at the University already have an account established in the my.WellnessPortal.  To activate your account, please do the following:

  1. Go to my.WellnessPortal.
  2. Enter your CNet ID and password.
  3. Enter your date of birth.

Complete Your Profile

After activating your account, please complete your profile to ensure it is accurate and complete, and also customize the settings to fit your personal preferences. 

  1. Select “Profile.”
  2. Complete required and optional fields as well as customize settings and preferences.

UChicago Student Wellness strives to make it convenient for students to make appointments, communicate with clinicians, and access health records.  All registered students already have an account. 

We are pleased to announce that during the 2020-21 academic year, we will be moving to one integrated health record system for all your activity with UChicago Student Wellness: my.WellnessPortal. This integrated platform allows us to facilitate comprehensive, holistic care, and will enable many convenient features including online appointment scheduling, single-sign-on using your CNetID, and secure messaging with your clinicians.

After we fully transition all services to the my.WellnessPortal, students will be able to:   

  • Schedule many types of appointments online (to be rolled out in phases throughout 2021)
  • Submit required immunization records
  • View and print immunization history
  • Complete health histories and required consent forms
  • Communicate securely with UChicago Student Wellness providers and staff
  • Self-check-in via your mobile device in the new Student Wellness Center
  • Complete intake forms

Once the transition to my.WellnessPortal is complete later in 2021, students will no longer use MyChart (through UChicago Medicine) for their UChicago Student Wellness records. Until that time, students should continue using MyChart for their medical records but can begin using my.WellnessPortal for their counseling and immunization records. More information on this transition will be posted here as the project advances. (After that time, patients of UChicago Medicine will continue to use MyChart for any care received at UChicago Medicine.)

Online appointment scheduling for medical appointments at UChicago Student Wellness remains available via MyChart during this transition.

Students can currently submit proof of their required immunizations via the my.WellnessPortal.

The State of Illinois and the University require all incoming students to provide proof of immunization. On my.WellnessPortal, students can download the immunization form, upload documentation, and view compliance status.

  1. Log into your my.WellnessPortal account.
  2. Select “Medical Clearances.”
  3. Follow instructions for meeting the immunization requirement.

The information provided will be automatically added to your electronic health record and will be available for you to download when you need it in the future.

Students can check in to their appointments and connect to Zoom for their counseling or psychiatry sessions through the my.WellnessPortal. Students will also receive appointment reminders from the portal and can communicate directly with their providers via secure messaging.

Documents requiring student attention or completion will be listed in the “Medical Clearances” or “Forms” sections of the portal. Students may also need to complete a survey shortly before their appointment; if so, it will be available to complete in the “Survey Forms” section.

Starting in Spring Quarter 2021, UChicago Student Wellness is offering a pilot program that will enable students to book initial counseling appointments online via the my.WellnessPortal

This pilot program will give students a convenient, simple way to schedule their initial appointments.

Due to the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reevaluating the timeline for switching from MyChart to my.WellnessPortal. We expect the transition to be complete by summer of 2021. Until that time, students should continue using MyChart for their medical records.

Existing patients who have had a medical (not counseling or psychiatry) visit with UChicago Student Wellness in the past twelve months can make future medical appointments online through their MyChart account. To make an appointment online, simply log in to your MyChart account by going to, and select “Schedule an Appointment” under the “Visits” menu or in the right-hand column under “Quick Links.”

Please note that not all appointments can be scheduled online. If you do not see the type of appointment you need as an option, or do not find a suitable time, please call UChicago Student Wellness and speak with a Wellness Coordinator. Additionally, all new patients and patients who have not visited UChicago Student Wellness in the past twelve months must call 773.834.WELL to schedule their visit.

The portal’s secure messaging feature provides students with a HIPAA-compliant means of communicating with providers that will protect your privacy. Please do not send secure messages for urgent matters.

At times, a provider or staff member may send you a secure message. If this happens, you will receive an automated email notification to your address informing you that you have a new secure message. To view and respond to it:

  1. Log in to your my.WellnessPortal account.
  2. Select “Access Message Center” then “Read” to view the full message.
  3. To reply, click the “Reply” button, which can be found below the message.

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