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Immunization Compliance

Required Immunizations

The State of Illinois and the University require all students to provide proof of immunizations, preferably at least 30 days before returning to campus for classes, to avoid class registration holds in subsequent quarters. For a general overview of the immunization requirement, please view this video (recorded June 2020). 

In the midst of COVID-19, we realize there are questions about how this policy applies to students studying remotely. For the 2020-21 academic year, please note the following:  

  • Students residing outside of Illinois and not taking classes on campus will be exempt from the immunization requirement for 2020-21.
    • The exemption will expire once the University returns to full on-campus instruction.
  • Students residing in Illinois and/or taking classes on campus must fulfil the immunization requirement by the deadline. See instructions below. Students who do not fulfill the requirement by the deadline will have a registration hold placed on their record for the subsequent quarter in compliance with State of Illinois law. 
  • Students whose residence changes mid-year will be expected to fulfill the immunization requirement during their first quarter back on campus.



Gather acceptable forms of documentation. This includes healthcare provider records, school immunization records, clinic/hospital records, International Certificate of Vaccinations or other official documentation of your vaccination history. Please make sure that the record is in English; translations of non-English documents must be certified.


Ask your healthcare provider to complete the appropriate form:

If you are unable to receive some immunizations prior to arriving on campus, please call UChicago Student Wellness at 773-834-WELL to schedule an appointment. 


Log in to the my.WellnessPortal using your CNet ID and password, and then click on Medical Clearances from the left-hand menu. Here you will provide the dates you received your immunizations AND upload your completed documentation. This section includes information about submitting medical and religious exemptions. Please read the instructions carefully. Please allow up to 10 business days for verification. Once you are compliant, you will see a green check mark and "Compliant" next to the vaccine. 

Questions? Please email the Immunizations Team at UChicago Student Wellness at

Medical and Religious Exemptions

Please refer to the Medical Clearances section of the my.WellnessPortal for further instructions. Through the portal, you can download the necessary exemption form and upload your completed and signed form. 

Immunization Records

To request a copy of your immunization records from the University of Chicago, please complete a release of medical records form and email to  UChicago Student Wellness at

Vaccine Price List

View the list of vaccines UChicago Student Wellness currently offers and their prices (and their cost, if any).

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