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Short-Term Summer Program Insurance

As a participant in a short-term summer program at the University of Chicago, you receive accident and sickness insurance through AIG Personal Accident Insurance. This coverage lasts for the duration of your summer program, i.e., the coverage begins on the first day of your summer program and ends on the last day of your participation in the program.*

What type of coverage is this? This plan should be viewed as two complementary forms of insurance: 1) medical insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, and/or illness, and 2) travel assistance coverage for emergency evacuation or repatriation services. Please note that if you have a chronic condition (e.g., asthma, diabetes, etc.) this insurance will only cover incidents that occur while you are participating in the UChicago summer program.  It will not cover routine medicines or therapies needed to manage your chronic condition.

Am I eligible for the AIG accident and sickness insurance for short-term summer program participants?  You should double check with your summer program administrator to see if you are eligible.  If you are unsure who your summer program administrator is, please email studentinsurance@lists.uchicago.edu.

How do I enroll in the AIG accident and sickness insurance for short-term summer program participants? You will be automatically enrolled in this insurance and your summer program administrator will provide for you a copy of your insurance card.  There is no action you need to take to enroll in the insurance.

How much does this insurance cost? The cost is included in your summer program student life fee which provides access to the on campus clinics as well as covers the cost of the insurance.  For more information about this fee contact your summer program administrator.

Does the AIG accident and sickness insurance meet the requirements of the J-1 visa? No, it does not.  You will need to purchase a separate insurance that meets these requirements which are posted on the Department of State website: 


May I enroll my dependents on the AIG accident and sickness insurance for short-term summer program participants? No.  This insurance is only available to student participants in the University of Chicago short-term summer program.

How do I use this insurance policy? If you have an accident or become ill while you are participating in the UChicago summer program, you should first seek care at UChicago Student Wellness. You can find their location and hours at wellness.uchicago.edu

If you are then referred to a specialist or need a specific procedure (e.g., labs or X-rays) you will need to show your AIG insurance card as proof that you have accident and sickness insurance. Be sure to write your name on the card in advance.

If UChicago Student Wellness is closed or unavailable at the time you are needing care, then you should either go to an immediate care clinic to receive care, or if you are experiencing a medical emergency you should go to the closest emergency department at a hospital.  When you arrive, you should show your AIG insurance card.  

What if I already have insurance? If you have insurance that covers you in Chicago for the duration of your summer program, that insurance will be considered your “primary” insurance.  When you seek care, you should show your insurance card for this primary coverage.  The AIG accident and sickness insurance provided by UChicago will be considered “excess” insurance for students who already have insurance coverage.

What if I later receive a bill from the doctor?  What should I do? Some doctors/providers may send you the bill rather than bill AIG directly.  If that happens, then you will need to complete the claims reimbursement process with AIG.  For more information refer to the back side of your AIG insurance card.

If I have questions, who should I contact? For questions about your accident and sickness insurance benefits, please call AIG at 1.800.551.0824, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.  For non-urgent, general inquiries, please email studentinsurance@lists.uchicago.edu

* This insurance coverage is provided to participants in most UChicago short-term summer programs convening on the Hyde Park Campus.  Please ask your program administrator if you have questions about whether your program is covered.

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