Dependent Enrollment

Attention! Beginning Autumn Quarter 2018 (for the U-SHIP policy year that begins on 9/1/2018), students will be required to provide proof of  dependent status in order to enroll dependents on U-SHIP, according to University policy.  This applies to all students, including those who currently have a dependent on U-SHIP. Instructions for enrolling dependents will be provided on this website later this summer. 

Dependent Enrollment

In order to enroll dependents on U-SHIP, students must first enroll themselves during the open-enrollment period (generally mid-August for the plan starting on 9/1/2018).  Then, also during the open-enrollment period, students must submit the appropriate documents (electronically or in-person) to the on-campus UnitedHealthcare StudentResources insurance representatives in order to enroll a dependent. Students will only need to submit proof of dependent status once, but please note that students must act each year to enroll or waive U-SHIP for themselves and to enroll dependents.

Students who enroll dependents 14 years or older on U-SHIP will also be assessed a quarterly dependent life fee.

Students enrolled in U-SHIP can choose to cover eligible dependents, including:

  • Same- or opposite-gender spouse or civil union partner
  • Same-gender domestic partner (only for domestic partnerships registered with the University prior to 7/1/17).
  • Children under the age of 26, including natural children, stepchildren, adopted children, or wards; any child named in a court order for whom you are legally responsible for providing coverage under the terms of a qualified medical child support order; and your eligible same-gender domestic partner’s child who depends on you for support and lives with you in a regular parent-child relationship.
  • Unmarried eligible children over age 26 if the child is incapable of self-sustaining employment due to a mental or physical disability that occurred before attaining age 26, is dependent on you or your eligible spouse, civil union partner, or same-gender domestic partner for primary support and maintenance and is covered continuously by the plan prior to and beyond age 26.
  • Military veteran dependent children up to age 30 if the child has established residency in Illinois, served in the active or reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces, and received a release of discharge other than a dishonorable discharge.

Acceptable Verification of Dependent Eligibility