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Online Scheduling for Initial Counseling Appointments

May 4, 2021

UPDATE: November 10, 2021

Please note: During the Summer and Autumn Quarters of 2021, we offered a pilot program that allowed for online scheduling of initial assessment (intake) counseling appointments.  This initial pilot phase has concluded.  We are evaluating the effectiveness of this pilot with respect to students’ access to care, convenience, and optimal utilization of initial appointments.  We will be using the results of this pilot to determine how to optimize online scheduling for counseling appointments in the future. 

UChicago Student Wellness is offering a pilot program starting Spring Quarter 2021 that will enable students to book initial counseling appointments online via the my.WellnessPortal

This pilot program will give students a convenient, simple way to schedule their initial appointments. Through the my.WellnessPortal, students can:

  • View all available initial appointments up to 14 days from the date they select.
  • Schedule an initial counseling appointment, for which they will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.
  • Complete necessary forms in advance of their appointment.

Students who need immediate mental health support should call the Therapist-on-Call (available 24/7) at 773.702.3625.

Students should call UChicago Student Wellness at 773.834.WELL for assistance if: 

  • They have seen a UChicago Student Wellness clinician within the past six months or are currently seeing one of our clinicians.
  • They plan to be physically located outside of Illinois during their appointment time.
  • They want to schedule an appointment for couples’ therapy.
  • They are having difficulty finding a convenient date/time through the online booking system.


Why can I only book initial appointments online?

An initial appointment is an important entryway into counseling services. In that appointment, a student and a therapist will discuss the student’s personal concerns and expectations from the counseling process, as well as the range of mental health service options that are available.  At the end of the initial appointment, the therapist can schedule the student for follow-up appointments or assist with making other mental health appointments as appropriate for the student (e.g. psychiatric evaluation, case management appointment for referrals).

What if I have seen a mental health clinician at Student Wellness in the past six months?

If you have seen one of our mental health clinicians in the past six months, it may not be necessary to schedule a new initial appointment.  Please contact us so your clinician can help assess the best course of action for you.

After my initial appointment, how do I make future appointments?

Follow-up appointments are made directly with clinician, generally at the end of each appointment.

Why do you need to know whether I will be out of state during my appointment?

Regardless of your location – whether you are in Illinois, another state, or outside of the country – UChicago Student Wellness is here to support you with a variety of services. However, since clinicians typically must be licensed in a state in order to provide care to a person physically located in that state at the time of service, we ask that you call us first so that we can work with you to determine the best course of action. More information about our telehealth and teletherapy services is available on our website.

Once I schedule my initial appointment online, is there anything else I need to do before my appointment? 

You will get a confirmation email, which will include a link to the my.WellnessPortal where you can complete required forms prior to the day of your appointment. You should return to the portal approximately 20 minutes before your initial appointment to complete the final counseling form so that you will be able to start your appointment on time.

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