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Better Together

Better Together

Better Together was created to emphasize the importance of students connecting with one another to strengthen their emotional wellbeing. The Better Together Initiative is comprised of three programs geared towards graduate and professional students:

  • Growing Together: A Dinner Series
  • Buddy Up!
  • Walking Buddies

For program details and registration information, click the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Carolyn Banner, Health Promotion Coordinator. 

Growing Together is a program where a small group of graduate and professional students comes together once a week for four weeks for dinner, thoughtful discussion, and creative ways to get to know themselves and their peers. The themes discussed include finding joy, compassion, and vulnerability. 

Registration for our Autumn Quarter session is currently full. We will host another group in Winter Quarter, so please check back in December!

Contact Carolyn Banner with any questions.

Are you a graduate or professional student who wants to meet more people and make new connections? Join Buddy Up!

UChicago Student Wellness is offering Buddy Up! as part of the Better Together initiative. Join a network of current graduate and professional students who want to meet new people and connect with peers across campus. Every two weeks, you’ll be paired with a new buddy!

For more information, email Health Promotion Coordinator Carolyn Banner or register for the Buddy Up! program.

If you ever want a buddy to walk, run with, meet new people, and feel more connected to your community, you're not alone! Walking Buddies offers students the opportunity to connect with other students from their neighborhood who are interested in walking or running for fun or walking with someone to and/or from campus. Open to all current graduate and professional students, this program will bolster the UChicago community and will help you to meet your neighbors and connect you with a walking or running buddy who has similar goals.

Complete this form to sign up, or contact Health Promotion Coordinator Carolyn Banner if you have questions.

Growing Together: A Dinner Series 

  • "I signed up for Better Together because I was interested in meeting graduate students from across the university, and it quickly became something I looked forward to every week...The sessions were fun, engaging, and provided space for the kind of self- and communal reflection I love. I met some really kind and interesting people, gained some great resources, and laughed a lot. Highly recommended!" Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "The sessions are really inclusive for people who take longer to feel comfortable around others. By the end of the sessions, I think we’d all opened up a lot, and the space felt incredibly supportive." Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "Building new friendships isn't a fast process. But BT provides an opportunity to start that process... And now I feel like if I need support, or just someone to go on a walk with, I can reach out to my BT group and pretty instantly get connected." Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "I believe this type of program is really critical for supporting graduate students holistically, and recognizing that under the best circumstances, when students have the support of their community, and are recognized for their worth as human beings, they can do their best work." Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "While we often arrived from different corners of campus after exhausting, stressful days, the dinners in the 'WellNest" were always inclusive and revitalizing. We shared the challenges of pursuing graduate study at the University of Chicago, yet we never focused on individual gripes, instead spontaneously sharing tips and sincerely encouraging one another." Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "I loved the chance to meet graduate students from other programs and different years, which gave me the opportunity to meet people I would never have run into otherwise and also to hear new perspectives on the topics we discussed... I really appreciated the safe and supportive environment, where we lifted each other up and brought in a much-needed dose of positivity each week." Better Together Participant, Spring 2019
  • "I am grateful that Better Together provided a unique opportunity where I could genuinely get to know others.  I feel more integrated to the UChicago community as a result. Better Together Participant, Spring 2019

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