Better Together

The Better Together campaign was created by the Wellness Advisory Board (WAB) in 2016 to emphasize the importance of students connecting with one another to strengthen their emotional wellness. Data from UChicago's 2014 Healthy Minds Study showed that more than half of both College and graduate students felt lonely. Much of this was attributed to students not developing lasting connections with their peers.

In 2019, Health Promotion and Wellness will implement Phase II of Better Together. This phase of the campaign involves the creation of a small student group made up of Graduate and Professional students who will come together once a week for four weeks for dinner, thoughtful discussion, and fun and creative ways to get to know yourself and your peers.

Spring quarter's program is currently full. If you are a Gradate or Professional student looking to get involved, check back soon for next year's registration information or contact us at for more information.

The goals of Phase II of Better Together are to:

  • Increase feelings of belonging to a group
  • Improve connections among participants
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation among participants

The goals of Phase I of the Better Together campaign were to:

  • Emphasize the importance of developing social connections
  • Increase students' motivation to become more connected with others
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness among UChicago students

Phase I of this campaign encouraged students to change their attitudes around the importance of connecting with others by:

  • Providing suggestions for how to connect with one another
  • Highlighting research showing the benefits of social connectedness
  • Linking students to events, programs, and services on campus that encourage connecting with others

Visit us on our UC Better Together on Facebook.

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