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Self-Care is an act of self-love. Self-care is vital for your overall health and wellness. Sometimes you may feel that the more you sacrifice, the bigger the reward. What you may not realize is that pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion can become counterproductive.

Self-care actually helps you make progress faster—it prevents burnout, reduces the negative effects of stress, and helps you refocus. Just like eating, sleeping, and exercise are good for your well-being, finding and implementing your own self-care routine is integral to reaching your life goals.

Daily Tips for Self-Care

  • Take a break when you become overwhelmed.
  • Ask for help. Share your feelings and don’t try to cope alone.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Avoid all-nighters and get enough sleep.
  • Relax before bed.
  • Avoid using alcohol, drugs, or caffeine to manage stress.
  • Keep a journal.

Fitting Self-Care into Your Schedule

Self-care does not have to be time consuming. For more on self-care, consider watching selections from this TED playlist on the topic.

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