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Support Spaces and Workshops

The workshops and support spaces below were held during the 2020-21 academic year. Please check back for future offerings.


Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a normal challenge faced by all students that can have significant consequences. Discover the psychological reasons behind procrastination and learn behavioral techniques to help you more consciously choose behaviors that align with your personal academic goals. This is an experiential workshop and participants will be encouraged to actively explore their habits and practice techniques during the session.

Body Confidence

Struggle with body dissatisfaction and feel impacted by the unrealistic portrayals of bodies across media? This workshop will expand your idea of a healthy body. Recognize the impact that thin ideal messaging has on us and work to move away from body shaming. Find the respect and appreciation for your unique body.

The Fundamentals of Academic Success

Are you seeking academic success without sacrificing your mental health? Do you want to learn how to incorporate self-care and downtime into your daily routine? This workshop will combine evidence-based practices that support optimal learning with practical tips that students can use to improve their retention of learned material more efficiently. We will also discuss ways to create balance that promote academic success and good mental health.

Building Patterns of Productivity with Time Management

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed out? Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to complete your to-do list? You are not alone! The focus of this workshop is to assess how you currently use your time and explore time management strategies that can aid in structuring your schedule. This workshop will also cover important aspects of self-care that can affect academic performance including habit building, stress management, and sleep hygiene.

Prioritizing Wellbeing and Managing Stress

Have difficulty focusing or being present due to feeling overwhelmed? Feeling exhausted with your obligations and not sure where to start? Students in a highly competitive environment, such as UChicago, may feel intense pressure to succeed even at the cost of our wellbeing. Underrepresented minority students are especially impacted. UChicago Student Wellness will facilitate a workshop focused on ways to prioritize wellbeing and manage stress for students during these challenging times. Join us to learn ways to cope, practice select stress management techniques, explore resources and supports that are available to you, and make a plan to manage your stress and prioritize wellbeing. All are welcome!

Return to In-Person Workshop

It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives. We continue to live most of our days virtually, and take classes, work, and participate in social events and meetings remotely. As we begin to interact more in person, there can be uncertainties, confusion about what to expect, and adjustment issues. UChicago Student Wellness will facilitate a workshop focused on ways to increase resiliency during these uncertain times. Join us to learn ways to cope, practice a select coping strategy, develop a plan for adjustment, and explore resources and supports that are available to you. All are welcome!

Support Spaces

Butterfly Support Group

This drop-in group is a confidential, non-judgmental, and safe space for UChicago students who would like support and insight on dealing with the stressors surrounding immigration policy and changes that may impact you or your family (such as TPS, DACA, travel bans).

Support Space for Students of Color (in partnership with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs)

This is a semi-structured support space for students of color to receive support, build community, and learn resiliency and coping strategies to thrive. Join us for community, discussion, exploration, and connection regarding experiences being a student of color and intersectionality of identities. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and UChicago Student Wellness staff will co-facilitate this support space.

Support Space for International Students

This support space is for international students to stay connected during these uncertain times. Through theme-based discussion, participants will have opportunities to reflect together on their needs and goals and learn to approach challenges with a growth mindset.

Support Space for LGBTQ+ Students

A support space for LGBTQ+ students to receive support from one another during the pandemic and when navigating family dynamics, community, and living arrangements. Join us to learn coping strategies and find ways to navigate circumstances during these uncertain times.

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