Refresh Sleep

The University’s Refresh Sleep program aims to provide College and graduate students with the skills and strategies to achieve more restful nights.

When you join the Refresh Sleep program, you will receive a weekly email for seven weeks that has an attached PDF with important information and tips that have been proven to help improve sleep. Students are encouraged to spend at least thirty minutes per week with the program information. The materials include information about:

  • The physiology of sleep
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Relaxation training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Cognitive strategies
  • Keeping sleep logs

Program Registration

Registration for the Refresh Sleep program occurs each quarter. Our Autumn program is currently underway, but registration for the Winter program is now open. To sign up, complete the registration survey here. Please note that registration for the Winter Quarter closes on Friday, January 17, 2020.

To learn more about the Refresh Sleep program, please contact Emily Schulze at or 773.834.0177.

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