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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a free service that teaches you how to create goals for navigating transitions and overcoming challenges that come your way. Wellness Coaching takes a strengths-based approach to holistic wellness and mental health promotion.  We offer individual and group wellness coaching sessions. 

Schedule your Wellness Coaching session today with a UChicago Student Wellness staff member or through TimelyCare!

Benefits of Wellness Coaching

Your wellness coach will help you:

  • Maximize your personal and professional potential by recognizing your strengths and values
  • Focus on goals that are impactful to you
  • Identify resources that will enable you to succeed in your desired changes
  • Take control of your own wellbeing
  • Strive to become your best self 
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Group Wellness Coaching

Through group wellness coaching sessions, students have the opportunity to work through shared wellness concerns and experiences in an open and supportive environment. Group coaching can also help participants identify challenges, resolve barriers, and integrate new knowledge and perspectives into their mindsets. The group coaching approach equips students with skills, strategies, and a sense of community related to their goals. During these sessions, we will work together to design and implement wellness action plans, along with goals to support students in enhancing their well-being.

Scheduling a Coaching Session

Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions 

Wellness Coaching sessions will continue to be offered through Zoom to follow current public health guidance. Schedule a Wellness Coaching session today with a UChicago Student Wellness staff member or through TimelyCare! Please note: initial sessions with a UChicago Student Wellness staff member are 60-90 minutes and TimelyCare initial sessions are 30 minutes.

Group Wellness Coaching Sessions

Group wellness coaching sessions are available to student organizations, academic classes, and other UChicago affiliated student groups. Student leaders or advisors can schedule a session(s) for their group by completing this registration form. Your coach can work with your group for up to three sessions. 

Student Testimonials

"The best benefit I've experienced as a result of coaching has been becoming more reflective about smaller aspects of my life, paying more attention to what is working and what is not and how to learn from that." 

"I feel encouraged in an inclusive environment." 

"Having someone hold me accountable has been essential to keeping me motivated."

"The most helpful aspect of Wellness Coaching has been going through past experiences to establish intermediate goals and then splitting them up into actionable goals."

"As a result of coaching, I've gotten to know myself better."

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