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Mind over Matter Peer Health Advocates

Mind Over Matter is a group of Peer Health Advocates who work to help UChicago students attend to their mental health and well-being. We are dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and empowering our peers to be in tune with their mental well-being. Mind Over Matter does so by providing our peers with spaces to discuss mental well-being and connecting them to resources devoted to improving and maintaining positive mental health.

Areeha Khalid

Areeha Khalid

Mind Over Matter Student Coordinator

she/her/hers | Fourth Year | Major(s): Biology & Comparative Human Development

"UChicago is a really stressful school, and as a result many students are so busy they don’t pay any attention to their mental health. I joined MOM so that I can help connect students to resources that will empower them to take charge of their own mental health, be happy, and succeed!"

Henrique Caldas

he/him/his | Second Year | Major(s): Psychology

"Mental health advocacy is such an important topic today and as a person interested in a career path related to the promotion of people’s mental well-being, being a PHA is the perfect opportunity for me to involve myself in a mental health related activity and help others."

Emily Chan

she/her/hers | Third Year | Major(s): Psychology & Economics

"I joined Mind Over Matter because I know that finding mental health resources and support can be difficult for a lot of my peers. I hope that the small role that I play in starting conversations about mental well-being and connecting students with resources will help foster a more supportive community and destigmatize asking for help!"

Adiah Coffey

they/them/theirs | Fourth Year | Major(s): Comparative Human Development, Education and Society Minor

"I became a MoM PHA because talking about the struggles we face as people isn't easy, and I want to help make those discussions accessible and empowering while paving the path for future conversations. As part of Mind Over Matter, I'm here to support students in their understanding of mental health and the resources available."

Eduardo Gonzalez

he/him/his | Fourth Year | Major(s): Biology, Biological Chemistry, and Chemistry

"I chose to be a PHA because UChicago can be a tough place and while I have been lucky enough to find great support systems, I know that is not the case for everyone so I want to do what I can to change that."

Madeline Kahl

Madeline Kahl

she/her/hers | Second Year | Major: Political Science 

“I joined Mind Over Matter because I want to help foster a community focused on mental health support on campus. Everyone faces mental health challenges, especially in college, and I want to provide support and resources to those students. I hope, through MoM, we can give students the tools to live happier, healthier lives in college and beyond.” 

Airi Kogishi

she/her/hers | Fourth Year | Major(s): English & Biology

"As I have found it difficult at times to recognize when I might benefit from assessing how I am feeling and reaching out for help, I would like to help make the process of asking for various mental health and wellness resources feel less daunting."

Karen Rodriguez

she/her/hers | Second Year | Major(s): Biology

"I chose to become a MoM PHA because I want to create a positive environment surrounding mental health and help my peers improve and sustain a healthy mind."

Chloe Roske

she/her/hers | Fourth Year | Major(s): Psychology, with a History Minor 

“I joined Mind Over Matter because dealing with mental health on a college campus can be an incredibly daunting task. I believe having peers to support and guide students struggling with mental health is vital to making them understand that they are not alone. Since MoM’s role in connecting students to mental health resources is so important, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” 

Matthew Sabados

he/him/his | Fourth Year | Major(s): Biology

"I chose to be a PHA because UChicago is a difficult, stressful place, and too many students haven't accessed the resources they need. Through Mind over Matter, I hope to support peers so they can connect with the resources they need.  Mental health issues carry with them a tremendous stigma, which we should all work towards diminishing."

Anna Stone

she/her/hers | Fourth Year | Major(s): Psychology & Neuroscience  

“Throughout my life, I have not only seen how great the prevalence of mental illness is, but also the lack of awareness and the stigma surrounding it. Mental illness affects everyone; whether it’s a friend or a family member, everyone knows someone who is struggling. I joined Mind Over Matter to help educate the student body as to what mental health is, what are the best ways to improve and maintain it, and what resources are available for students. I was very involved in mental health awareness in high school and I plan to devote my life to it as a psychiatrist later on. I believe the work Mind Over Matter is doing is great and I’m so grateful to be part of their efforts.” 

Alison Tisol

she/her/hers | Third Year | Major(s): Psychology & Neuroscience

"I want to be able to make a difference in the mental health climate at UChicago!"

Helping a Friend in Crisis: A Virtual Workshop

In Autumn 2020, MoM hosted this interactive workshop on how to support friends while maintaining healthy boundaries and knowing when to reach out for help. We covered scenarios all-too-common in college, ranging from UChicago's competitive stress culture to socially distancing during COVID-19.

The Intersection Between Mental Health and Black Students at UChicago

In Autumn 2020, MoM hosted this panel covering the mental health experience of Black students on campus, as well as strategies for BIPOC students to maintain positive mental health at UChicago. This event sought to create a space for students to have an open, honest, and inclusive conversation about mental health, featuring panelists from UChicago Student Wellness, OMSA/CI+I, as well as student speakers.

Speed Friending

In Winter 2021, MoM hosted this space for students missing out on social interaction during remote learning to get to know some new faces and safely make friends. Inspired by the New York Times’ list, “36 Questions that Lead to Love,” each round was filled with interesting questions to help participants get to know each other, like: “Would you like to be famous?” “Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?” and “If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?” 

InTouch x MoM PHAs: Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships During COVID-19

In this Winter 2021 collaborative workshop with InTouch, we explored questions like: What does it mean to build a relationship with yourself during COVID-19 through self-care? What do consent and sexual health look like during COVID-19? How do I set boundaries in relationships, or start difficult conversations with my friends about our expectations about socializing during COVID-19? and more!

The Intersection Between Mental Health and Gender

In Winter 2021, MoM hosted a second panel on the intersectionality of mental health, this time focusing on how mental health is impacted by experiences of gender. Panelists, ranging from clinical psychologists to UChicago students themselves, provided insight on a broad variety of social consequences, from how stereotypes impact the perception of mental illness to gendered differences in seeking mental health resources to mental illness challenges specific to transgender and non-binary individuals.

Hot Takes Over Hot Tea

In Spring 2021, MoM invited students to this unique virtual space to de-stress and meet new people around campus. The instructions were simple: Bring your tea or coffee and get ready to hash out the answers to some questions that have plagued humans since the dawn of time, like "Is water wet?" or "Is a hotdog a sandwich?"

The Intersection Between Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Students at UChicago

How does sexuality intersect with mental health? How can one be a good, sensitive ally to LGBTQ+ individuals dealing with mental health concerns? How do you find LGBTQ+ inclusive mental healthcare? MoM covered the answers to all these questions and more at our Spring 2021 virtual panel on the intersection between mental health and LGBTQ+ students at UChicago. This panel was MoM's third panel on the intersectionality of mental health.

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