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InTouch Peer Health Advocates

Alex Hayward

InTouch PHA Student Coordinator

Third Year
Major: Molecular Engineering, minor in Data Science

“Growing up in an abstinence-only policy school and within Filipino culture that often stigmatizes sexual health, I relied on my own research to educate myself on how to take care of my body, my mental wellbeing, and how to be sexually healthy when the communities I considered my support systems failed to do so. Now as a part of InTouch, I educate students on sexual health, healthy relationships, and on- and off-campus health resources while helping create the first honest, sex positive environment I’ve experienced to prevent other young people from feeling the same fear, confusion, and shame I felt about my own body and sexual health.”

Sam Butler

InTouch PHA

Third Year
Major: Computer Science

"Healthy relationships and sexual health are topics that many people have trouble speaking freely about in their day to day lives. The InTouch program creates a safe and welcoming space on campus to learn and discuss these topics. I became a PHA to help foster that space on campus and to be a relatable and welcoming resource for my peers."

Kathleen Cui

InTouch PHA

Fourth Year
Major: Creative Writing and Pre-Med

"I joined PHA because I think it's especially important to have access to information about healthy relationships and sexual education when coming into college, and PHA allows me to spread that information in the company of other amazing advocates who always teach me more!"

Giovanna Gari

InTouch PHA

Fourth year
Major: Psychology, minor in Education and Society

I joined InTouch because as a woman of color, discussions about sex or sexual health were always seen as something to avoid, and I wanted to be part of an organization that helped others to get the information they need. I wanted to make sure I created a safe space for other people of color on campus to be free to ask whatever questions they had. 

Inali Hathaway

InTouch PHA

Third Year
Major: Public Policy

"I became a PHA because I love learning from my peers when conducting workshops. I am passionate about increasing access to healthcare and I think one of the most important ways that we as students can do this is through learning about our health and our rights."

Mari Knudson

InTouch PHA

Third Year
Major: Environmental Studies

"I have always been passionate about sexual health and healthy relationships and am always looking for more ways to act on this passion, which is why I joined InTouch. I love that the group seeks to foster a sense of sex-positivity on campus by making sex education as inclusive and relatable as possible."

Sophia Li

InTouch PHA

Third Year
Major: Gender Studies

"I wanted to join the InTouch group to help de-stigmatize sex and reproductive health topics, especially among communities of color and the LGBTQ+ community. The reason why I'm a Gender Studies major is because I'm interested in women's health and exploring the concept of womanhood in an attempt to move past the traditional gender binary, especially given the increased acceptance of queer and trans communities. I am passionate about medically accurate and inclusive sex education instead of old curriculums that misunderstand or blatantly neglect marginalized communities."

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