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Body Talk Peer Health Advocates

Sinduri Soundararajan


Second Year

Majors: Public Policy + Environmental and Urban Studies

"While societal norms, narrow representations in media, and inaccurate perceptions of health make it difficult to reach a place of full acceptance and peace with one’s body, I hope to continue my own journey towards body positivity while empowering others to join me through The Body Talk PHA program. I am eager to be involved with and expand an incredible community of students that challenge existing obstacles by starting inclusive and perceptive conversations."

Trinity Campagna


Third Year

Major: Molecular Engineering

"I joined Body Talk because it is so important to be able to be comfortable in your own skin. This program is such a great platform to provide information and facilitate discussions about health and self image in a world that isn’t always very kind. I am so excited to continue my own journey to self love while being able to provide support and resources for all of my peers."

Ayushi Hegde


Third Year

Majors: Biological Sciences and French

"I joined Body Talk because I believe that having a positive relationship with our body is so important, yet so under-discussed; we all have bodies, but there’s a certain amount of stigma and shame tied to eating disorders, negative body image and body positivity as a movement. As a Peer Health Advocate, I’m excited to be part of a group working to reframe that conversation. I hope to educate others on this campus on the importance of self-care and self-acceptance — to encourage others to think or talk more openly about their relationships with their bodies without fear of judgement."

Natasha Joseph


Fourth Year

Major: Computational and Applied Mathematics

"Being body positive is very important to me because I believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin without feeling shame under societal pressures. Joining Body Talk has given me the opportunity to learn more about these topics in order to help my peers and myself, which is an invaluable experience for me."

Julia Richardson

Third Year

Major: Public Policy

"I joined Body Talk because detrimental notions of wellness and beauty infiltrate our daily lives through the media, negative self-talk, and a culture of self-deprecation -- these undermine personal strength and discourage a positive self-relationship, which is the most important relationship to cultivate. As part of Body Talk, I hope to promote self-love at UChicago by encouraging inclusive discussions about health and advocating for the importance of self-acceptance. I'm incredibly excited to foster positivity and a supportive campus climate as a Peer Health Advocate!"

Jadelynn Zhang

Fourth Year

Major: Sociology

"I joined the Body Talk PHAs because it’s important to provide information about the body positivity movement and engage the college community in discussions about body image, self-care and the social standards that are imposed on us. I’m excited to be involved in a community that is passionate about promoting the many facets of health and wellness while being conscious and inclusive of differences in race, sexuality, gender, and ability."

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