Guide to Student Health and Counseling Services

This guide summarizes the services available to you through Student Health and Counseling Services and serves as a useful reference for using those services effectively.

Understanding the Costs of Medical Care

This guide is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of potential out-of-pocket costs after receiving medical care and provides an overview of the University of Chicago's requirements, fees, and health care services.

Health Insurance 101

This guide covers the basics of health insurance and creates a baseline for understanding how health insurance works. 

Health Insurance Glossary

This glossary provides comprehensive definitions for common health insurance-related terms. 

Video Tutorials

These videos cover a wide variety of topics from deductibles, coinsurance, and copays to mental health and substance abuse. 

2019 Health Insurance-Immunizations Webinar

This video covers UChicago's Student Health Insurance and Immunization requirements. 

Student Services Fee

This handout shows what services at Student Health and Counseling Services and Health Promotion and Wellness are covered by the Student Services Fee and which services are not. 

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