Travel Vaccinations

Four to six weeks prior to your travel....

If you need vaccinations for travel you must make an appointment with a healthcare provider. SHS offers free consultations as a courtesy. Some vaccines are also provided free of charge. Travel consultations are provided on a limited basis. Therefore it is important to schedule your appointment as early as possible, particularly in the Spring quarter when many students are planning summer travel. Make sure you plan well ahead; some students have found they had to cancel their trip because the vaccine requirements couldn’t be met within the time frame. Some countries mandate vaccines be given within specific timeframes prior to travel and you may be prevented from entry into the country upon arrival at the airport if you do not provide proof of vaccination, so it is important to understand the requirements of the countries you will be visiting to prevent any disruptions in your travel plans.

Please see Vaccination Price list for more information.

To request a copy of your immunization records from the University of Chicago, please complete a release of medical records form and email to Student Health Services at

Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Information