Time Management

The human mind naturally breaks time down into smaller parts in order to better comprehend and manage one’s environment. Practicing effective time management techniques assists with this breakdown to help minimize stressors. Due to the fast-paced nature of the UChicago quarter system, it is extremely important to employ a time management strategy that will help you organize and use your time more efficiently.

     Effective Time Management Steps
     Effective Time Management Tips
     Time Management Resources

Effective Time Management Steps:

     1) Prioritize: rank responsibilities and tasks in their order of importance.
        To assist you, try this method:
             ABC rank-order method: Create a list of priorities using A
             (high priority), B (medium priority), and C (low priority).
             Re-write the list grouping the letters together, start with
             the A’s and proceed.   
     2) Schedule: allocate time for prioritized responsibilities.
         To assist you, try this method:

            Boxing: Break down your day into “morning, afternoon and evening.”
            In each time box, designate 1 or 2 specific responsibilities.

     3) Execute: implement your schedule. To assist you, try this method:
           Break large projects down into smaller tasks, and assign a
           deadline for each task.

Effective Time Management Tips:

  • Establish healthy boundaries with technology
  • Schedule personal time in each day
  • Schedule for interruptions
  • Develop organizational skills
  • Change your Internet home page to a simple search engine (like Google) to minimize distractions
  • Clean your workspace/room once a week
  • Create personal boundaries
  • Do one activity at a time

Time Management Resources:

       Academic Skills Assessment Program
       The Pomodoro Technique
       Hitting the Ground Running
       Organizing Yourself at the University of Chicago
       Top 15 Time Management Electronic Apps & Tools