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Student Counseling Groups

Spring Quarter 2017 Groups

Group therapy is a form of counseling that has been proven to be highly effective in many clinical trials. Groups at SCS create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where students can feel comfortable being open and honest about their struggles or current life situations.

What can group therapy offer you?

Group Therapy:

  • Allows you to find more clarity about your current challenges with the help of a support system and a knowledgeable counselor.
  • Provides the opportunity for students to share and listen to the experiences of other group members.
  • Allows members to bounce ideas of each other about helpful ways to address life situations.
  • Creates a safe space where members can give and receive feedback, support, and validation from others who have had similar experiences.
  • Allows students to have their own journey in the group, a journey that is enriched by the support and experience of others.

Joining a Group

Each quarter, SCS offers several group options designed to help you navigate a variety of situations that may arise during your time at UChicago.

Groups are offered for both undergraduate and/or graduate students. All groups at SCS require you to complete a pre-group interview with a group facilitator to ensure that the group is a good fit. If you are not selected for a particular group, SCS will make every effort to find an appropriate group opportunity or additional resources for you.

Please see below for this quarter’s group offerings.

Spring Quarter 2017 Groups

For Graduate and Undergraduate Students (combined)

For Undergraduate Students only

For Graduate Students only

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