Substance and Alcohol Use

There are various ways that a student might participate in a substance abuse evaluation. You may be referred during your intake or by your individual counselor at SCS.  You might also choose to come to SCS for an evaluation of your substance use out of your own concern, as result of the concerns of others, or at the request of a university administrator. When seen at SCS for a substance abuse evaluation, you may be asked to fill out some forms and we will discuss the specifics of your use and about any problems perceived by you or others. Based on the information you provide, we may make recommendations for changes. Often times we work with students through a “harm reduction” lens, which aims to find ways to reduce the harm that is caused by a student’s substance or alcohol use without interrupting their current routines.  However, when substance use is more concerning and difficult for a student to manage on their own, we might recommend more formal treatment for substance abuse or addiction. If such treatment is recommended, SCS can help a student find a program.  If you are interested to in discussing substance use concerns, please contact Dr. Doug Culbert at the Student Counseling Service at or at 773-702-9800.