SHS Urgent Medical Care

During regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, ) you can call SHS and speak to a triage registered nurse. The nurse can advise you on the urgency of your condition and recommend the appropriate level of care needed.

Nurse Advice Line

If you have a question about an urgent medical situation that occurs after SHS business hours, call the Student Health Center and follow the prompts to connect with a nurse (773) 702-4156. The nurse advice line is available 7 days a week when the clinic is closed. In the event of serious injury or emergency situations call 911 or go directly to the Emergency Room. 

The nurse advisor will review and assess your symptoms and advise you to make an appointment at the Student Health Service or visit the Emergency Room, as appropriate.  The nurse advice line is a service provided by a 3rd party, and is not staffed by the University of Chicago, or the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room services are not covered under the Student Life Fee; ER services will be charged to you and your personal insurance.

If you are unsure whether you should go to the ER, call Student Health at (773) 702-4156 to determine if emergency treatment is necessary. The Emergency Room is not appropriate for most ear aches, stomach flu, or sore throats.

If you do go to the ER it is important that you tell the Emergency Room staff you are a student, and that you take your insurance card and student ID card along with you.

University of Chicago Medical Center
Emergency Room
5656 South Maryland Avenue
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Phone: (773) 702-6250