Should I drink Alcohol?

Why a person chooses to drink alcohol or not, involves many different factors.
Consider these factors when your deciding if you should drink alcohol.

Our decisions about drinking can be influenced by what we "think" others are doing. For example, many people assume that all college students drink a lot of alcohol, but that's not the case. AlcoholEdu data* for first-year students shows that:

  • 38% of students report not drinking at all in the past year.*

  • 11% of students are freqently heavy drinkers.

  • 34% of students who drink reported wanting to drink alcohol in a  safer way."

​For many students that are living away from home while at college, friends provide valuable guidance and support. But friends can also pressure you to engage in activities you may not want to. Social pressure to drink can make it challenging to abstain, cut back, or quit alcohol use. If you're feeling pressure to drink, you could:

  • Avoid situations that involve alcohol altogether, try attending other types of non-alcoholic events.
  • Just say "no thank.' Be clear and firm, but keep it simple, friendly, and respectful.
  • Ask your friends NOT to pressure you to drink
  • Suggest something else to do that does not involve alcohol

​Our expectations about alcohol can impact how and how much we drink.  For example, people may drink because they think alcohol will help them be more social, feel less stressed, or even be more likely to hook up. They may think that if they drink more and more,  the fun will just get better and better.

Whether you drink or not is your choice. But, take a moment to think about how these choices can affect your goals.
Consider what you want and don't want...


*Data is from AlcoholEdu Sanctions course based on national student responses.

If you are having any difficulties or concerns, consider contacting the professionals at Student Counseling Services. For immediate help or safety concerns, call the UChicago Police at 773.702.8181. Click here to find more important phone numbers.