Short-Term Counseling at SCS

If you and your intake counselor determine that short-term counseling at SCS is the best next step for you, here is a brief description about what to expect.  SCS offers both short-term individual counseling and short-term couples counseling. “Short-term” counseling is goal-driven and focused on immediate needs.  It is usually completed within a handful of sessions.  If any student requires more support, they will be referred to counseling outside of SCS that is not time-limited and can best support the student and their goals.

After completing an intake at your first appointment, you will be scheduled to meet with a counselor for a limited number of sessions.  The number of sessions is determined by you and your counselor.

Counseling at SCS will guide you to stay focused on the immediate goals of counseling, learn new ways to problem solve, improve coping skills, become more aware of situations that adversely affect you, and manage those situations more effectively.

Counseling sessions will also focus on your individual strengths and how to optimize self-confidence.

Counseling works best within a relationship of trust and comfort with the counselor that allows you to talk openly about your experiences, either good or bad, while also allowing you to talk about your experiences of counseling itself.

For Couples:

Couples desiring joint counseling attend an intake appointment together. At least one member of the couple must be a Universtiy of Chicago student who has paid the student life fee.  Couples are any students that are married, partners, or dating, regardless of gender identity.

Call (773) 702-9800 or click here to learn more about how to make an appointment.