Online Education

As is the case for many college students, you may encounter situations where alcohol or even sexual violence is present. To keep everyone safe, the University of Chicago is proud to partner with EverFi to offer online education that specifically addresses the challenges and situations many students may be faced with. 

For the 2016-17 academic year, students will be able to start Part 1 of both AlcoholEdu and Haven from July 15th to September 9th, 2016. Part 2 will be available for completion from October 3rd to November 4th, 2016. If you have questions please email Katrina Wagner at

AlcoholEdu encourages students to reflect on their own drinking patterns and consider including harm reduction strategies or abstinence. It's an interactive online program designed to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol among students. It is the most widely used alcohol prevention program in higher education and helps schools comply with Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR part 86).  The online program delivers a personalized experience to all types of students dependent on their current drinking choices and is proven effective – eight independent studies have verified the efficacy of AlcoholEdu. 

Haven includes sexual violence prevention and active bystander intervention to empower students to take action in potentially harmful situations. It's the premier online program addressing the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment among students, faculty and staff. Created in collaboration with leading campus practitioners and researchers and national thought leaders including renowned expert Dr. Alan Berkowitz, Haven reaches 700,000 individuals at over 650 institutions across the country. 

Please note: All incoming and transfer students will receive the information necessary to complete the online education prior to starting their first academic quarter.