Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness, cultivated by paying attention. Mindfulness arises naturally out of living and can be strengthened through practice. Sometimes this practice is called Meditation. Learn more about this powerful way of reducing stress by learning how to better manage your mind and by staying in touch with what is bountiful in your life. To help you develop this practice Health Promotion and Wellness offers educational workshops as well as drop in meditation.

 Mindfulness: A Tool for Managing Stress

Introduction to Mindfulness for Stress Reduction:
Are you new to mindfulness or want to go back to basics? Join the Introduction to Mindfulness series. This series is 3 consecutive weeks and includes instruction and practice of Mindfulness Meditation techniques.  
Series 1: Mon. 4/21 – 5/5,  1-2pm
Series 2: Mon. 5/12 – 5/26,  1-2 pm
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Location:  Rockefeller Chapel

Finding your Center: Advanced Mindfulness:
Are you ready to take your meditation to the next level? Join our advanced four week series to deepen your mindfulness meditation practice.
Series 1: Wed. 4/23 – 5/21  (no class on 5/7)  3-4:15pm
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Location:  Rockefeller Chapel

Moving Mindfully
 A practice-based three week series focusing on awareness of movement and the importance of exercise, rest, breath and core stability with an emphasis on prevention and management of pain and stress.
Thursdays, 3-4, 3-week series,  5/8, 5/15/, 5/22 https://training.uchicago.edu/course_detail.cfm?course_id=1448


Health Promotion and Wellness and Spiritual Life also offer opportunities for meditation practice on a drop in basis.

20 Minutes Still - 20 minutes of drop in meditation practice with qualified instructors.  No registration needed. 8:00 am - 8:20 am, weekday mornings during the quarter, Rockefeller Chancel

Open Mindfulness Meditation Practice -  An opportunity for students who want to practice formal mindfulness meditation with a group each week.  Includes Q & A time to enhance practice.  No registration needed. 2:30pm - 3pm, Wednesdays during the quarter, Rockefeller Chancel.

Zen meditation -Spiritual Life and Ancient Dragon Zen Gate provide meditation instruction for those who are new to this practice, followed by 35 minutes of meditation.  Students from any tradition or background are welcome. Wednesdays, 5:00pm, Rockefeller Chapel.