Fat Talk Response Guide

Fat talk, or everyday statments that reinforce the ideal standard of beauty and contribute to women and men's dissatisfaction with their bodies can be damagin to all of us. Check out some of our suggested responses below!

“Lindsay has really gained weight over the holidays.”
Response suggestions:
-I hadn’t noticed.
-I don’t think that’s our business.
-She seems like she had a really good break!

“Spring break is coming up so I’m going on a diet, do you want to join me?”
Response suggestions:
-Why is a diet necessary for spring break?
-No thank you!

“Don’t you think Jennifer Lopez is a little too heavy?”
Response suggestions:
-I try not to have opinions on other people’s bodies.
-I don’t know, I mostly notice her awesome singing voice.

“She’s too fat to be wearing those pants.”
Response suggestions:
-I’m not sure what that means. Why do you feel that way?
-As long as she’s wearing pants, who cares?
-Her clothing choices are really her business, not ours.

“I hate my body so much.”
Response suggestions:
-What makes you feel that way?
-Why don’t we think about the reasons you love your body, instead?

“Only skinny girls have relationships”
Response suggestions:
-That is definitely not true.
-If that were true, people wouldn’t come in all shapes and sizes. Your body type is genetic!

“She really doesn’t have the body to be wearing that outfit.”
Response suggestions:
-Does she have a body? Then she has the body to wear that outfit.

“You look great in that dress. I wish I could wear something like that.”
Response suggestions:
-Why do you think you couldn’t?
-Of course you could, you can wear anything you want.
-Thanks. You can borrow it any time!

“I wish I could get liposuction.”
Response suggestions:
-I think there are much better uses for your time and money.
-Let’s talk about that. Do you think it’s something in the media that makes you feel like such an extreme procedure is necessary?

“I wish I had her body.”
Response suggestions:
-I don’t think thoughts like that are very productive. Your body is yours, that’s why it’s awesome.
-Have you ever thought that maybe she has wished the same thing? The grass is always greener.

“Does this dress make me look fat?”
Response suggestions:
-I think it’s more important to focus on how you feel wearing the dress.
-If you like the dress, who cares?
-Why would that be a bad thing, if it did?

“I am thinking of becoming a vegan because I hear it helps you lose weight.”
Response suggestions:
-I’m not sure that’s a healthy reason to make a major lifestyle change.
-Why do you think you need to lose weight?
-Have you talked to your doctor about it? That’s a pretty big decision.

“You are so thin, how do you do it?”
Response suggestions:
-When you use “thin” as a compliment, it makes me really uncomfortable.
- I try not to think about bodies like that. I do what I need to in order to keep myself healthy and happy.

“I don’t want anyone to see me without my make-up on.”
Response suggestions:
-What do you think would happen if they did?
-I understand, I feel that way sometimes too. I just try to remember that no one is actually passing judgment on whether I am wearing makeup or not.
-What do you think it is that makes wearing makeup feel so necessary?

“Do I look fat in this?”
Response suggestions:
-Why is that important for you to know?
-I think how you feel is more important than what you look like.
-It  makes me uncomfortable when you use the word “fat” in a negative way like that.

“I’m way too fat to be eating this.”
Response suggestions:
-That seems like a silly qualification for choosing what to eat.
-I’m not sure what you mean by that. Can you explain why you feel that way?
-I think it’s more important to listen to what your body is telling you.

“I’m so fat.”
Response suggestions:
-Let’s try not to use that word in a negative way.
-Relative to what? Who cares?
-I think there are better things we could talk about.

“You look great. Have you lost weight?”
Response suggestions:
-Nope! But thank you!