Ending a Relationship

There are lots of reasons why you might decide to end a relationship--if you and/or your partner are no longer happy with the relationship, if your feelings have changed, if the circumstances are too difficult, etc. Regardless of the reason, ending a relationship is often a difficult and personal decision that you should make based on what’s best for you. If you have decided that ending your relationship is the best choice, the tips below may be helpful in taking that step.

  • When you’ve made your decision, think in advance of what you will say so that you feel prepared going into the situation.

  • If you feel safe doing so, arrange to have the conversation in person in a location that will be comfortable and neutral for both you and your partner.

  • Accept that you and/or your partner may experience difficult emotions. It’s totally normal to be hurt, upset, or cry during a break up, whether you are the one being broken up with or not. It can also be difficult to deal with the fact that you may be hurting another person’s feelings, but is important to remember why you feel the choice to end the relationship is best for you.

  • Afterwards, allow both you and your ex-partner some space. It is possible that you can have a friendly relationship in the future (if you both want to do so), and it can feel strange to no longer talk to or spend time with someone with whom you may have been close. But for now, giving yourself time to get used to the change in your relationship will make things easier for both you.

  • Ending a relationship is hard under the best of circumstances, but if your relationship is abusive, leaving can also be dangerous. The most important consideration is your safety. You can follow this link for information about how to make a safety plan to get out of your abusive situation and call the Sexual Assault Dean on Call at 773-834-4357 for immediate help and counseling.