Eating Disorders and Related Concerns

At SCS, we recognize that issues related to disordered eating, body image, exercise and food preoccupation can be exceptionally disrupting to a student’s quality of life. Therefore, we believe it is imperative for our students to have the necessary consultation and/or assessment when these issues are present, so they can obtain the appropriate support and treatment. We believe that eating disorders and related concerns are best addressed within a multidisciplinary approach, which is why we have established the SHCS Eating Concerns Team that consists of clinical professionals from both Student Health and Counseling services. 

The main role of this team is to provide consultation, assessment, and treatment recommendations to students identified as struggling with eating concerns. Our team meets twice per month to discuss clinical cases and makes appropriate treatment recommendations depending on the student’s individualized needs. Based on the level of concern for the student, the SHCS Eating Concerns Team will provide recommendations for different levels of care and medical support. 

Eating Concerns Assessment

As a student, you may request an Eating Concerns Assessment at SCS by calling 773.702.9800 or by discussing it with your individual therapist if you are already being seen at SCS. You may also receive a recommendation to obtain an Eating Concerns Assessment from any clinician at Student Health or Student Counseling if they believe you might benefit from this additional assessment.

The Eating Concerns Assessment is a 45-minute clinical meeting with a member of the SHCS Eating Concerns Team. During this meeting you will be asked a series of questions regarding personal history of any disordered eating or eating concerns, current information about nutrition and overall health, preoccupations with body image, relationship with exercise and diet, and any other related issues that may be interfering with your overall functioning. Depending on the level of concern, you may be referred to SHS to obtain a medical evaluation to assess the need for additional medical support. Based on these results, the SHCS Team will provide appropriate treatment recommendations and support.