Dental Coverage 2016–2017

These providers offer different coverage options to meet your needs:

CIGNADENTAL_250-Artboard.jpg Updated Circles_250-Artboard_4.jpg UHDENTAL_250-Artboard.jpg

The Spring enrollment for our 6-month dental plans is open from February 1 - March 31. 
To enroll in Delta Dental, use this link:
To enroll in Cigna, use this link:
To enroll in United, use this link: and select Enroll Now.

Comparisons of each plan can be found below.

What Do the Plans Offer?

  Cigna Delta Dental UnitedHealthcare
Benefit Highlights HMO plan PPO plan Low Plan*
Cleanings (Two Annually) 100% 100% 100%
Fillings fee per service 80% 100%
Oral Surgery fee per service 80% 0%
Maximum Annual Benefit No annual maximum $2,000 (12-month plan);
$750 (6-month plan)

*indicates in-network/out-of-network rates plan pays