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Studies show that interpersonal relationships may influence physical activity by providing social support and establishing social norms that enable health-promoting behaviors. Research also shows that increased physical activity is associated with better mental health outcomes, such as mood, self-esteem, and anxiety. College can be a period of increased risk for poor mental health and depression, so continuing to maintain physical activity is very important.

Read more about the study "Social Environment and Physical Acivity: A Review of Concepts and Evidence" that was published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine.

Easy ways to add more physical activity into your day:

  • Take the stairs (there are lots of stairs in many UChicago buildings!)
  • Walk or bike to class/home
  • Get off the bus a few blocks earlier than your stop
  • During television commercials or during your next Netflix binge, do some crunches, lunges, squats and pushups
  • Clean your room (make your bed, wipe the counters, dust pictures and other surfaces)
  • Take yourself for a nice walk outside
  • During the day, make sure to stretch and move around
  • Stand or walk when your making your phone calls

Structured physical activity options:

BONUS TIP: Get outside and walk around even during the cold winter months. You'll get get some extra steps and a dose of Vitamin D!