Annual Policy Notification and Biennial Review

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA)

The DFSCA requires all institutions of higher education to certify that they have adopted and implemented drug prevention programs to prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by all students and employees on school premises or as part of any of its activities. Students and employees must receive materials annually that contain:

  • Standards of conduct
  • Various laws that apply in that jurisdiction regarding alcohol and drugs
  • Various health risks of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Counseling and treatment programs that are available
  • Statement on the sanctions the university will impose for a violation of the standards of conduct

You can read more about the federal requirements on our Drug and Alcohol Policies page which also include links to university policies and resources concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs. View the University's Alcohol and Other Drug Policies & Regulations in the Student Manual.

Biennial Review

The University of Chicago complies with the Drug-Free School and Campuses Regulation that requires Institutions of Higher Education to conduct a biennial review of their alcohol and other drug programs and policies (EDGAR Part 86.100). 

The review is completed in even-numbered years under the leadership of the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness and faculty and staff of the University. Contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness for more information at