Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco not only affects you if you are a user, but it also affects the world around you. That includes your loved ones, friends, strangers and anyone else you are in contact with, including the air around you.

There is extensive research on the harmful and deathly effects of smoking on health. But, smokeless tobacco such as chewing tobacco, oral tobacco, spitting tobacco, dip, chew and snuff also have harmful chemicals and can cause cancer, heart disease and gum disease.

What about electronic cigarettes?
E-Cigarettes have become very popular in recent years, but they are not a safe alternative. Many users ahve reported shortness of breath, coughing, and fevers. Gylcerin-based olis that are found in e-cigarettes have been found to cause chronic inflammation and respiratory irritation in users. There are not as many studies detailing the effects of e-cgarettes and much is still unknown but e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative or recommended for use.

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