Drink Smart

If you're going to drink, make smart choices to keep yourself safe.
Review these strategies that other students have found helpful.

watch_your_drink_0.PNG choose_standard_0.PNG

If someone is making you a drink, watch them pour it so you know what – and how much – is going in the cup. You don’t want to be the one who barfs all over the carpet at 10 PM.

Choose a drink with the “standard” amount of alcohol in it, like a glass of wine or a beer. Stay away from high-alcohol beers or cocktails with a bunch of liquor in them.



I always mix my own drinks. That way, I get exactly what I want.

It’s like a bag at the airport. Don’t leave your drink somewhere and walk away, or something could get added to it, like more alcohol or drugs.

If you are having any difficulties or concerns, consider contacting the professionals at Student Counseling Services. For immediate help or safety concerns, call the UChicago Police at 773.702.8181. Click here to find more important phone numbers.