Stress Relief

The primary purpose of stress relief exercises is to intervene in the stress response and return the body to physiological homeostasis. It is important to note that relaxation techniques alone offer only a temporary solution to chronic stress. The best approach to ensure success in balancing your stress levels is to regularly practice stress relief exercises and use stress management tools.  

Individual Exercises

To assist you in your stress relief efforts, please find below a few exercises that you can practice on your own. 
mindful meditation video_1.jpg deep breathing video.jpg PMR video.jpg

10-Minute Meditation Video

5-Minute Deep Breathing Video

8-Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Video 

Art Stress Relief  & Stretches:

Mandala circle_200-Artboard_300-Artboard.jpg STRESS RELIEVING STRETCHES_300-Artboard.jpg

On-Campus Programs

Health Promotion and Wellness additionally offers a wide variety of stress relief programs you can do at UChicago. Check out a few of our options below.
MINDFULNESS MEDITATION_300-Artboard.jpg PET LOVE_300-Artboard.jpg YOGA_300-Artboard.jpg SCS_300-Artboard_0.jpg
You can additionally find a full list of UChicago stress related programs, services, and resources on the UChicago Stress Events & Services Page.