Stress Management Tools

It is normal to experience stress in college and graduate school. The trick is to manage your stress in a healthy way to ensure that it does not become overwhelming.

Stress Management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. To identify your true sources of stress, look closely at your habits, attitudes, and decision making. Some stressors are difficult to identify. We have identified a few common stressors that students tend to encounter below. However, we recommend starting a Stress Journal to identify patterns and common themes that are specific to you.

  Common Student Stressors*

          Academic Deadlines - With the intensity of the UChicago academic
          quarter, many course deadlines can fall on the same day. We suggest
          focusing on time management methods to assist in managing
          this stressor as well as cognitive restructuring to manage your

          Financial Obligations - Balancing money and school loans can be
          extremely stressful. Managing money takes practice, alter the situation
          by taking control of your finances and getting help if needed.

          Friendships - At UChicago you will most likely redefine values and
          grow as a person, and so will your friends and the quality of your
          friendships. Cultivating quality friendships takes time as well as tensions
          may arise from other university stressors. When these situations occur,
          we recommend cognitive restructuring and looking at
          the situation or your reaction closely.

Once you identify what a stressor is and how you currently cope, you will have a better chance at addressing it. From there, you can find a management tool that would best prevent, reduce, or cope with that stressor in a healthy way.

We welcome you to explore the different stress management methods and coping strategies below. Additionally, you can visit our Stress Relief and UChicago Stress Events & Services’ pages to discover healthy ways to relax and recharge on and off campus.

Stress Management & Coping Strategies

         Change The Situation or Your Reaction
         Efficient Time Management
         Cognitive Restructuring
         Create a Stress SMART Goal  
         Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Choices

For more individual help with stress and other related concerns you can talk to a UChicago counselor at the Student Counseling Service.

 *This list is not exhaustive, and stress management methods may differ depending on the person.