Additional Resources


The eBody Project - The eBody Project is an online program designed to help young women feel better about their bodies by giving them a forum to think about the costs of trying to look like the unrealistic images of women that are shown in the mass media.

The Body Project - Learn more about the program we facilitate and how it can beneficial for you.

50 Tips for Ditching Body Dissatisfaction - This article on the NEDA website provides you with additional ways to work on feeling better about your personal appearance.

Fat Talk Statement Response Guide - Fat Talk refers to the everyday statements that we make which reinforce the ideal standard of beauty and contribute to women and men's dissatisfaction with their bodies. Check out this page to learn how to respond when you hear it.

Body Image 3D - BodyImage3D®, a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education created by TriDelta. This initiative encourages a more well rounded, in depth body image to transpire when it serves as the central focal point for three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.

Body Image and Women’s Health – This section of the Department of Health and Human Service website provides some good information on body image, with a useful link on the risks of cosmetic surgery.

National Eating Disorders Association – In addition to providing information on research and resources related to eating disorders NEDA is one of the best sources of information on body image.

Health At Every Size (HAES) – Health at Every Size is based on the simple premise that the best way to improve health is to honor your body. It supports people in adopting health habits for the sake of health and well-being (rather than weight control), and encourages accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes, eating in a flexible manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite, and finding the joy in moving one’s body and becoming more physically vital.

Proud2Bme -Proud2Bme is an interactive online community for young people that allows you to share your stories and promotes healthy attitudes toward weight, food, and health.