Who uses counseling?

Why do other students come to Student Counseling Service?

We see a variety of students from different backgrounds and cultures.  We provide a unique place to talk where it is safe for you to say, think, or feel anything. There are many reasons to come to counseling. Whether you are experiencing significant distress, or just need someone to talk to, we are here to listen. You don’t have to be experiencing a problem to come to counseling. Here are some common reasons people have to come to SCS:

  • Adjustment to a new environment
  • Homesickness
  • To increase self-confidence
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Body image and/or eating concerns 
  • Concerns about drinking or drug use
  • To improve academic performance
  • Sexual identity questions
  • To understand and improve relationships
  • Trauma
  • Feeling sad or depressed


Our services are available to all graduate and undergraduate students who pay the Student Life Fee.  The Student Life Fee allows the patient to receive diagnostic assessment and short-term treatment and/or referral.

Alumni are allowed one session st SCS, free of charge, to discuss treatment and referral options. 

Members of the University's Student Health Insurance Plan who wish to use their outpatient mental health benefits for therapy outside the SCS must first have an appointment with an SCS counselor who will provide a referral.   The SCS referral is necessary in order to avoid a $50.00 per visit non-referral charge assessed by the insurance company.

Call (773) 702-9800 or click here to learn more about how to make an appointment.