USHIP Insurance Referrals

Anytime you want to see a counselor or psychiatrist outside of SCS using your USHIP insurance, you will need to complete an intake at SCS and obtain a formal referral.  The SCS serves as the "gatekeeper" for the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP).

Please call 773-702-9800 and schedule a first appointment.

Your counselor may be able to provide a referral at your appointment.  However, it is possible that your counselor may need to take a few days to work on your referral.  If you need to return to SCS to pick-up your referral, please contact your counselor to ensure that the referral is ready for you.  If your counselor lets you know that your referral will be available to you at the clinic coordinator's desk, please have your student ID with you to pick up your referral.

If you are not satisfied with the counselor to whom you were referred and want a second referral to a different counselor, please email the SCS counselor who provided the original referral for assistance.   If you are unsure who wrote your original referral, please call SCS to find out.

If the referral form is not obtained before your visit with an outside counselor, you will incur a penalty of $50 (per appointment) from the insurance company.  We are never able to backdate referrals.

SCS refers students only to licensed mental health clinicians.