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Referrals to Therapists Outside of UChicago Student Wellness

UChicago Student Wellness therapists may refer you to an outside therapist if ongoing therapy is the most appropriate treatment for your mental health concern. If your therapist determines that ongoing therapy would be the most effective way to address your concerns, they will discuss this recommendation with you. Some students may also prefer to work with a therapist outside of UChicago Student Wellness and can request a referral at any time. Our staff will help you find a therapist outside of UChicago Student Wellness who takes your insurance. We also have case managers on staff who can provide ongoing support in helping you find a therapist who is a good fit for you.

If you are using U-SHIP insurance and would like to see a therapist outside of UChicago Student Wellness, you will need to complete an intake appointment at UChicago Student Wellness and obtain a formal referral. We only refer students to licensed mental health clinicians. 

It may take a few days following your appointment for your therapist to provide you with a referral. If you need to return to UChicago Student Wellness to pick up your referral, please contact your therapist to ensure that the referral is ready for you. Bring your student ID with you to pick up your referral from the front desk at UChicago Student Wellness. 

If you are not satisfied with the therapist to whom you were referred and would like a referral to a different therapist, please email the therapist who provided the original referral. 

For students on U-SHIP, if the referral form is not obtained before your visit with an outside therapist, you will incur a penalty of $50 per appointment from the insurance company. We are never able to backdate referrals. 

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