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Our UChicago campus sits on over 200 acres of land. There are many places to explore, and perhaps you might be looking for a well-vetted study spot or a new location to mix up your routine. Discover a new study spot on campuse by checking out the collection of Study Spots submitted by the UChicago campus community.

If you don’t see your favorite spot, submit it here to add it to the list.

We asked for study tips and tricks, and below are some responses. Please remember that studying is very individualized, and some things may not be best for you.

  • Listening to music in different languages might be helpful if the lyrics distract you.
  • Sometimes, studying in noisy spaces can be more helpful for focusing.
  • Studying with a friend or classmate can be helpful and suitable for holding each other accountable.
  • Remember to take breaks! Use a Pomodoro Technique Timer like this one.
  • Start your study sessions with a list of goals and strike through them when you’ve completed them. Many feel satisfied getting to check off things!
  • Try not to multitask – studies show that multitasking wastes more time than it saves.
  • Sleep is essential to studying effectively. If you want to improve your sleep habits, try our Refresh Sleep program.
  • Spend 30 minutes each day reading your notes in each class.
  • Feeling overwhelmed is the number one reason for procrastination. Doing a little bit at a time can help work through feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel you need additional academic support, explore the Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP) for additional tools and to schedule a consultation with an ASAP counselor. 

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