Meet The Body Project

Elly McCarthy

Body Project Coordinator
Third Year
Major: Statistics and Comparative Human Development

"I love having the opportunity to discuss issues I'm passionate about, like body image and eating disorder awareness, with other students. It is so important to provide an inclusive space where everyone can talk about these topics, and I'm grateful to be a part of that."

Isa Alvarez

Third Year
Major: Neuroscience

"I joined the body project because being insecure about your body is something that everyone goes through at some point. I think that it is really important to recognize the beauty in all of our bodies by really embracing and being proud of it and letting others know the beauty their bodies hold as well."

Amara Balan

Second Year
Major: Statistics

"I'm passionate about issues such as body positivity and self-confidence, and being a Peer Health Advocate allows me to share that passion with my peers. I love that the Body Project helps to create an environment where people have the opportunity and resources to care for and feel confident in their bodies. Hopefully I can contribute to a more empowered and body-positive campus!"

Jesse Claflin

Fourth Year
Major: Political Science and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

"I'm a Peer Health Advocate for the Body Project because I think body positivity is a critical component to living a healthy, happy life. I believe that it is important to discuss body image, societal expectations, and peer pressures in order to combat body negativity."

Jade Cool

Second Year
Psychology Major

"As a trans person, I know that body image issues often come at the intersection of several identities, and it's important to me that these identities are represented in the body positive movement. I joined the Body Project because I want to be as active as possible in promoting body positivity and bring awareness to my peers about resources that can help them along their own path to body positivity."

Hannah Kupferschmid

Second Year
Majors: Global Studies and South Asian Languages and Civilizations

"The Body Project has been an amazing way for me to support my peers and provide them with the encouragement and insight that I wish I’d been exposed to in high school. I’m proud to be a part of such a positive and supportive group, and I’m excited to continue teaching people about the importance of body positivity and self-love!"

Maggie Marusek

Fourth Year
Major: German and Anthropology

"I am a PHA with the Body Project because I am passionate about building a health-conscious, body positive support network at UChicago, and about helping my peers practice self-love and self-care."

Kelsey Ogomori

Fourth Year
Major: Biological Sciences

"I joined the Body Project because I wanted to help others feel body positive and raise their self-confidence. I think it's so important to love ourselves and feel empowered; independent of what the rest of the world seems to be saying or doing."

Talia Pearl

Fourth Year
Major: Biological Sciences

"I joined the Body Project because I wanted to spread a message of body positivity and self-acceptance on campus. I love leading workshops that explore body image and the ideal standards of beauty. I think having honest conversations about these topics is so important, especially because our society always tells us that we aren't good enough."

Shay Sekharan

Second Year
Major: Comparative Human Development

"I think an open forum where everyone gets the opportunity to discuss common societal pressures to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals or to feel perpetually dissatisfied with our bodies is important as it helps us all feel more comfortable and committed to having a positive body image and loving ourselves just the way we are!"

Delia Sosa

Third Year
Major: Sociology & Pre-Med

"I joined The Body Project because it is so important to love ourselves regardless of what our bodies look like. As someone who has struggled with body image for years, I wanted to be able to help people who struggle with body image, too, and to help my peers understand that having a certain body type which lives up to a myriad of standards does not define a person's worth."

Jennifer Wang

Third Year
Major: Biology

"I joined the Body Project because I believe it is incredibly important to promote body positivity and spread awareness about the resources we have on campus. I have learned so much from being a Peer Health Advocate and working together as a whole team!"