Meet InTouch PHAs

Madison Olmsted

InTouch Student Coordinator
Fourth Year
Major: Biological Sciences

“I’m passionate about ensuring that students of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds can access the education and resources they need to make informed and empowered decisions about their sexual health and personal relationships."

Sylvia Cheever

Fourth Year
Major: Anthropology with a Minor in Biology

"I work as a PHA with InTouch because I hope to start and encourage open, honest conversations about subjects surrounding sexual health and healthy relationships on our campus. I strive to be an accurate and reliable resource for all UChicago students in order to educate, empower, protect, and support the campus community that has given so much to me."

Danielle Grubb

Third Year
Major: Gender and Sexuality Studies

"Having valid information about sexual health and healthy relationships is extremely important, especially in college. I joined InTouch to be able to give people the information they need, as well as to open up conversations around these topics."

Rebecca Koppel

Second Year
Major: Comparative Human Development

"I have always been interested in sexual health and how one can ensure that education on sex, sexual health, and healthy relationships is relevant to everyone rather than a specific group. I joined InTouch because I want to learn more about these issues while also being a resource for my peers and having a positive impact on campus."

Natalie Krikorian

Fourth Year
Major: Public Policy and Minor in Molecular Engineering

"I love being a PHA because I get to spread knowledge about important topics that were never discussed in my high school. It was only through my experiences at UChicago and through InTouch that I learned how to care for my own sexual well-being, and recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships in my own life. I treasure being able to give advice and information to those that might have entered their first year uninformed like I did."

Mere Mackall

Third Year
Major: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

"I am a part of InTouch because I believe having conversations about sexuality and relationships is so important, especially in college. I’m committed to starting these conversations, and to helping spread accurate, reliable information about these topics around campus."

William McKissock

Third Year
Major: Linguistics and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

"I love providing my peers with accurate information so they can make safe informed decisions about their sexuality and relationships. I am especially passionate about making this information positive and inclusive to people of all genders and sexualities.”

Sebastian Otero

Fourth Year
Majors: Anthropology and Biological Chemistry

"I believe that health, especially sexual health, is a deeply personal endeavor that is all too often entrenched in social expectations. By being a Peer Health Advocate, I hope to empower people to make their own decisions regarding their sexual and relationship health."

Nur Banu Simsek

Third Year
Majors: Philosophy and Statistics

"College is where we meet a lot of people and explore new things. I joined InTouch because I want my friends and peers to know how to have and maintain healthy relationships, and ensure that they know about the resources that are available to them."