Student Life Fee

Each quarter, all registered students* (regardless of your selected health insurance carrier) are assessed a mandatory Student Life Fee. This fee supports various aspects of the student life experience, including primary care, mental health, and wellness services available on campus through SHCS. Students not registered during Summer Quarter may opt to pay the summer Student Life Fee for continued access to these on-campus health services. 

Most services provided through Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) are covered by the Student Life Fee. In some cases, however, (for example, many lab services, all radiographic services, and specialty care) there is a charge. When referred by your SHCS service provider for other services, be sure to confirm whether those services will incur charges. Covered services must be performed within SHCS by SHCS clinical staff. Services that are not covered are the responsibility of you and/or your health insurance plan to pay. Please check with your insurance representative to confirm coverage prior to your visit or procedure. SHCS staff members are not responsible for knowing the terms of your health insurance coverage. 

The information below summarizes SHCS services and whether they are covered by the Student Life Fee, or view this PDF.

* Some exceptions apply 

Services Covered by the Student Life Fee Services Not Covered by the Student Life Fee
Routine Physicals Pharmacy prescriptions/medications
Acute and chronic care Consultation and/or treatment by sub-specialists outside of the SHCS clinical staff
Cervical and anal PAP procedures Immunizations
STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing Emergency Room care
Urine dipstick and pregnancy testing Hospitalization
Rapid strep testing Most laboratory tests
PPD (tuberculosis) testing       Radiology procedures
Flu & school required immunizations Medical supplies
Allergy injections visits Medical record copying and certificates
Travel Health consultations Heart station procedures (EKGs, holder monitors)
Contraception consultations Drug testing
Sports medicine consultations Other services not listed here
Movement specialist consultation 
Some basic labs
Services Covered by the Student Life Fee Services Not Covered by the Student Life Fee
Diagnostic assessment Pharmacy prescriptions/medications
Crisis intervention Consultation and/or treatment by clinicians outside of the SHCS clinical staff

Short-term psychotherapy

  • Individual
  • Couples counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling
Emergency room care
Support Groups Other services not listed here
Academic/study skills counseling (and workshops)
Medication consultation and management
Referral services
Services Covered by the Student Life Fee
Campus-wide wellness events
Alcohol and other drugs risk screening
Wellness programs, workshops, and education
Wellness coaching
Sexual health education and condoms
Student group advising
Student wellness lounge

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