The Body Project

The Body Project is a group of Peer Health Advocates who work to promote positive body image within the UChicago community. We are committed to empowering students to reconnect to their innate body wisdom so that they can have more balance, joyful self-care and a loving relationship with themselves that is guided by forgiveness and appreciation. The Body Project PHAs provide safe spaces to discuss issues related to body image as trained facilitators and create  other programming that works towards a more body positive campus environment. 

We aim to:

  • Facilitate non-judgmental conversations about body image and eating disorders for people of all body types and backgrounds.
  • Provide spaces for open discussion about unrealistic beauty ideals and the potential harm that pursuing those ideals can cause.
  •  Build a supportive, inclusive community of students who are interested in discussing issues related to body image and eating disorders.
  • Encourage the spread of body positivity throughout the campus, and create an environment where open, accepting conversation of body image and weight concerns is the social norm.
  • Link students to existing body image and eating disorder related resources.

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Learn more about body image and body positivity, including ways you can stand up to fat talk.


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