Tips for Staying Safe

Health Promotion & Wellness takes a non-judgmental approach to alcohol. If you choose to drink, we encourage you to do so in ways that will reduce the likelihood of negative consequences (i.e. blacking out, doing something you regret, being hungover, etc.)

One of the first steps to decreasing your risk associated with alcohol use is to understand the concept of a standard drink.  We use this term to express a standardized measurement of pure alcohol, .6 fluid ounces of pure alcohol. Drinks come in different sizes and have varying potency, thus,  it’s important to have an understanding of the chart to the right. Let this ingenious dog teach you about standard drinks then try implementing these self protection strategies the next time you party or socialize:

Know your limits and use strategies to stay within them.

Plan ahead. Determine in advance the number of drinks you will have.

Try to avoid drinking games. Students typically drink more alcohol at a higher rate when participating in competitive drinking.

Alternate non-alcoholic drinks with alcoholic ones to slow down your pace and stay hydrated.

Eat a meal high in protein before or during consumption.

Get home safely. Decide in advance how you will get home. Visit UChicago’s transportation website for more information on a safe way home.

Use the buddy system. Go out with a group of friends. Check in with them about what their plan is for the evening and help support each other to make healthy choices.

Help. If you see a friend in trouble, whether it be with alcohol poisoning, over-consumption, or an unsafe situation, step in to help out a friend. If you are concerned about someone's drinking, reach out and let them know about the Counseling Center.

To make a customized plan, click here.

If you are having any difficulties or concerns, consider contacting the professionals at Student Counseling Services. For immediate help or safety concerns, call the UChicago Police at 773.702.8181. Click here to find more important phone numbers.