The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project is a series of free workshops designed to provide you with the tools to overcome adversity and manage stress.  Challenge your goals, craft your personal mission statement, and build strong relationships with a diverse group of students along the way.  Led by Dr. Alex Lickerman, this course is designed to change your outlook on life in just three 90-minute workshops per quarter.

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Finding Your Mission: Develop a personal mission statement for your life and use it to stay strong, focused, and smart about decisions you make while moving toward your future.

Managing Expectations: Learn to form realistic expectations about a goal or challenge by talking and gathering data from others.  Use this data to develop a process for achieving your goals.

Willpower: Learn and practice habit formation, avoidance, and distraction techniques for resisting temptation, changing negative habits, or starting positive habits. 

Self-Explanatory Style: Learn your own style of explaining adverse events, and how the stories we tell ourselves affect resilience and opportunities for success.

Acceptance: Learn to accept certain negative feelings associated with goals or experiences without becoming paralyzed or giving up.

Letting-Go: Learn about the process of changing a goal or aspiration because of personal experience or changing attitudes and desires.

Gratitude:  Learn to be grateful for gifts and opportunities by making lists of gifts and imagining losing things you often take for granted.

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