Feeling Stressed?

College and graduate school involve significant adjustments to your daily routine, and as a result your sleeping and eating habits, time-management strategies, and stress levels will potentially be altered in one way or another. Balancing classes, tests, projects, extra-cirricular activities, and work is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

Health Promotion and Wellness offers a variety of resources and services to help you deal with stress during your time at the University of Chicago. We are here to support you in your efforts to maintain balance while attending school, and hope that the skills you're learning now will assist you in effectively managing stress throughout your life.

Meet the Current Stressbusters link_thumb.JPGStressbusters

Stressbusters is a national outreach program that gives students an opportunity to make a difference on campus by training them to provide free backrubs and wellness resources to staff and fellow students
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Pet Love1_thumb.jpgPet Love

Pet Love is a program that brings certified therapy dogs onto the University of Chicago Campus once a quarter for you to engage with. As nonjudgmental, inexhaustible, fountains of love and loyalty, animals are natural vehicles for providing support and companionship to you.
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Often, when life gets busy or stressful, sleep is the first thing you sacrifice. However, sleep is critical to learning and memory,  immunity,  mood,  metabolism and weight, judgment, and health. 
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306733_10151367219322784_747311537_n_0_0_thumb.jpgMindfulness Meditation   

Manage your stress by getting in touch with what is bountiful in your life through moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness, and cultivated paying attention. Find out more about how to incorporate meditation into your life.
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Yoga is a powerful way to de-stress from a busy life. Use yoga to relax your body and keep your mind fresh.          
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ratner-external-2010_thumb.jpg Physical Activity

Physical activity is an excellent way to cope with stress. Try one of the Fit Chicago classes, or sign up for an IM team with your friends.
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images_0_thumb.jpg Academic Help

Academics can become particularly stressful, but there are ways to prepare and support you can get all across campus.
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For more individual help with stress and other related concerns you can talk to a UChicago counselor at Student Counseling Service