Academic Skills Assessment Program

Academic Skills Assessment Program

Time Management
Memory and Concentration
Study Skills
Exam Preparation

The Academic Study Skills Assessment Program (ASAP) assists students with improving academic performance through assessment, short term coaching and referral. ASAP addresses a wide range of concerns with respect to study skills including time management, reading effectiveness, test taking,  memory and comprehension.

ASAP workshops that focus on specific areas of interest are offered to groups of students throughout each academic quarter. These workshops are generally held at 4:00 on Friday afternoons in the South Lounge of the Reynolds Club.  Students can sign up to attend on the SCS website.

ASAP is housed  in the Student Counseling Service (SCS) at 5555 S. Woodlawn Avenue. Individual appointments can be made by calling (773) 702-9800. We are available Monday–Friday: 8:30am–5:00pm. For more information contact Anne Brody, PsyD at


What to expect…in an ASAP appointment

  • Discussion about current academic/study skills concerns
  • Review of the history of stated concerns if relevant
  • Exploration of other aspects that may interfere with ability to concentrate, think well, and achieve academic goals
  • Strategies to address academic/skills
  • Subsequent sessions will include an evaluation of progress and the effectiveness of suggested strategies and alternatives offered as needed.  It is a collaborative process; individualized plans are made.
  • Sessions are typically 45 minutes
  • It is possible to come in for 2-5 sessions, stop and then return again the following quarter or year for more sessions.
  • Tutoring and editing are services provided by other departments (not SCS)

Learn more about upcoming ASAP workshops.

Time Management

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Memory and Concentration

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Study Skills

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Exam Preparation

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