Coming Out and Beyond

Undergrad can be a great time to learn more about yourself, explore identities, and develop support networks.  While coming out as LGBTQ can be relieving, exciting, and beautiful for many, it can also be a complicated time for some college students as they try to consider the “who,” “when,” and “how” along the way.  This group will offer a supportive space to anyone who identifies within the inclusive alphabet, including the Q for questioning!  Maybe you’re not exactly sure who you are yet or know which letter fits for you.  But, if you believe that you could benefit from more support, the Coming Out & Beyond group may be the space for you.  And why “Beyond”?  Because coming out is not a one-time occurrence and sometimes you need support after coming out as well. 

Interested Undergraduate College students

  • Must be able to commit to attending 6 sessions during Winter quarter – predicted time is Mondays 3:30-5:00.  But please feel free to email to inquire about potential time changes!
  • Should contact SCS to schedule an intake with any staff member (all students must have completed an intake after May 1, 2017 at SCS)
  • Complete a pre-group interview with facilitator. 
    Space is Limited!
  • Facilitated by Michelle Emerick, PsyD
    Contact for more information and to sign-up.