Alcohol & Other Drug Education

Here at the university, you will probably find yourself in situations where you will be making decisions about drinking- at parties, on dates, in your room. It is best to make careful, thoughtful decisions about alcohol before you drink for the first time or  before you have your first drink at a party of an event. Thus, we encourage students to have a basic understanding of alcohol education. Health Promotion & Wellness recognizes, however, that the majority of undergraduate students are below the legal drinking age and that there are serious health risks and behavior problems associated with the use of alcohol in the collegiate environment.

Health Promotion and Wellness encourages students to make their own choices regarding alcohol. We support those who abstain and encourage those who do chose to drink to do so in low risk ways. In support of responsible management of alcohol, Health Promotion & Wellness provides numerous resources and support services available to our students, faculty, and staff .

Careless decisions about drinking can have harmful results. Alcohol use can impair your judgment, which can lead to unsafe decisions about sex, poor grades, getting into fights and sexual assault, Experiencing such consequences and continuing to use alcohol may increase your risk of developing a long-term drinking problem. 

This website can help you identify signs of alcohol poisoning, discover protective factors to help keep you safe, learn how to get help for a friend or assess your own drinking behaviors.  



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